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In 2016, the first half of the RY meeting was successfully held

The author : mike   Click :    Time :2016-07-20

    July 16, 2016, Ruiyang Technology Co., Ltd. in the first half of the RCI meeting in the second floor of the Swiss-technology headquarters meeting held successfully. Chairman Jiang Guoqing, Vice Chairman Wang Qian, general manager of Ruiyang Wang Song, general manager of Ruiyang Xin Chi Cheng Jia Meng and the ministries and other major leaders attended the semi-annual summary of the meeting. Wang Qian, vice chairman of the company presided over the meeting.


    At the meeting, Zhang Yuping, the chief financial officer of the meeting, made a report on the completion of the financial indicators of the first half of the year. Wang Sun, general manager of shares after the first half of the work done in the first half of the work and the second half of the work plan made a detailed exposition. In particular, he pointed out that the first half of the indicators completed well, but the second half of the task is still very heavy, to achieve good performance throughout the year, but also need to enhance the sense of urgency and crisis awareness, closely around the annual business focus. Ruiyang Xin Chi, general manager of the work in the first half of the summary that 2016 Ruiyang Xin Chi's work has a lot of breakthroughs, but also exposed a lot of problems and problems. The achievement of the business objectives in the second half of the year depends largely on the effective improvement and resolution of these problems.

    Chairman of the "outstanding achievements, a lot of problems; prudent, more further" as the center highly affirmed the first half of the results. He said that in the first half of the company under the leadership of the management team, in the joint efforts of all staff, the basic completion of the first half of the operating indicators. At the same time, the chairman of the board for the second half of 2016 the indicators of the business sector were described in detail. Chairman of the board hope that the heads of departments and all staff, departments should work together, unite in order to achieve the "revolution" victory, for which we should not forget the beginning, adhere to the implementation.