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Research a small step Ruiyang a big step

The author : mike   Click :    Time :2016-07-15

    According to the company's technology center engineer Wang Chenggang introduced a few days ago their team successfully developed a new android embedded test platform, which can be used for the second floor of the functional testing of mechanical products and the third floor of the production line part of the automated test. At the same time can also be used for research and development departments debugging products, the company line products off the assembly line automation function test platform, customer testing equipment, product PCBA backlight test.

    The main platform of the test platform andriod system, the signal acquisition board using freertos system, the application of the use of QT and C + + development. (240 * 150 * 70), light weight, can carry, low cost (hardware cost less than 1,000 yuan) platform, and other features, and support the certificate printing And data storage. At the end of this month will be put into two prototype (pre-installed a variety of mechanical products testing procedures) to the second floor production line to solve the second floor production line detection is more simple dilemma. On the one hand because the product testing platform can achieve a test equipment to test the characteristics of all products, can greatly reduce the equipment maintenance time and maintenance costs. On the other hand through the expansion of the function, the late product testing of the diversified platform for the company's product testing efficiency and quality of the overall improvement has a huge role in promoting.

(System main interface)

     Post-technical team will try to pass the test software common, rapid development of new procedures, connect usb camera can complete some simple appearance test, if any test, LED light and not bright detection and promote the commercialization of the platform, not only to achieve technology Departments can be self-profit and bring greater benefits to the company's development.