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Ethiopia large trading company to Ruiyang seek cooperation

The author : mike   Click :    Time :2016-07-13

    July 12, 2016, accompanied by torrential rain Ethiopia Ou Taike public trading company (Omotic General Trading P.L.C) line of four people came to visit the Swiss company and look for the appropriate cooperation products.

    Is a large-scale integrated trading company engaged in Alba Menqi tourism, domestic cattle breeding and exporting, banana cultivation and export and hotel operation, and is committed to becoming the leading trading company in Africa and the national social and economic development. Inexhaustible motive force. In the long-term trade process, in addition to based on its own export trade in agriculture and animal husbandry, the European companies have also seen the new energy field of vitality, and the desire to product lines to new energy and other machinery industry extension. According to the company CEO Eyassu Wossen, Ethiopia has a superior investment environment, higher business convenience, rich labor resources and considerable market potential. Europe to take the Thai trading company to visit the process of Ruiyang, Ruiyang technology, new energy high-speed electric vehicle power system and low-speed electric car is very interested in, and hope that Ruiyang technology as soon as possible to provide more detailed vehicle parameters and sales details To facilitate future cooperation.

    The cooperation of the company to seek cooperation in Switzerland to benefit from the Ethiopian Consulate General in Chongqing, Consul General Mr. Cabe Abela's intention to match. April 20, 2016, Kai Bee Abela in Chongqing Chamber of Commerce accompanied by the relevant personnel to visit the Swiss technology tour, Mr. Consul General of the development of the company greatly appreciated, and expressed great welcome Ruiyang Technology Director Mr. Jiang Guoqing and other relevant leaders to visit Ethiopia, with the local government, entrepreneurs talk about the development plan. While ensuring that if the cooperation is successful Ethiopia's local government will provide more favorable policy conditions for the company.

Ruiyang Technology has been trying to sell our products to foreign countries. Following the Southeast Asia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Europe, Ruiyang Technology will take a historic step in the successful entry into the African market.