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Into the innovation layer, Rui Yang technology look good

The author : mike   Click :    Time :2016-07-01

    June 24, 2016, the national SME shares to the center according to the May 27 evening before the official release of the "national SME share transfer system listed companies hierarchical management approach (Trial)", officially announced the list of enterprises in line with innovation The Ruiyang technology at the same time to meet the new three board innovation layer of the standard one and standard two, the successful breakthrough in innovation. According to statistics, Chongqing to enter the innovation layer of the company only 14, Ruiyang technology for only a few to double the success of the landing in the innovation level of enterprises in Chongqing. In the country nearly 7,000 new three board enterprises, Ruiyang technology worthy of a crown on the pearl.

Break through innovation layer, excellent students enjoy bonus

Into the innovation layer will give Ruiyang technology in the capital market to bring more opportunities. First, it may be possible to implement a continuous auction of transactions, which will greatly enhance the activity of the transaction, is a system of optimization. If the company's own qualifications, financial situation is better, you can enter the innovation layer. Second, into the innovation layer will attract the attention of investors, compared to nearly seven thousand new board companies like a needle in the same way as a good selection of enterprises, innovation layer of the establishment of investors will reduce the company's time and energy. Third, after the introduction of the tiered system, the daily turnover is likely to push from hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions, the top-level enterprise liquidity will be improved immediately, these are foreseeable, the top will get all the policy is good , Assigned to the top of the government is equivalent to endorsement, and for the city of Chongqing, only a few can enter the innovation level of enterprises, resources will certainly be like business tilt. Fourth, for the enterprise, into the innovation layer, in addition to enjoy the visibility and reputation, the more important is to give priority to enjoy, including price issuance, authorized issuance, mergers and acquisitions and M & A funds, including the system supply. In addition, the innovation layer is the preferred layer of the new three boards, there may be future launch of the auction transaction, the first choice for the transfer board.


Development is the last word

   In the long-term planning of enterprises, Ruiyang technology has been practicing is the development of their own business is the last word, in the case of adequate funding to ensure that enterprises are looking for rapid and long-term development of the way, so that the interests of shareholders to maximize The In 2016, with the help of new energy in the government support and its own scientific research and development, in the original electric car three electricity, power system sales on the basis of the electric vehicle through the vehicle factory to form a strategic cooperation to open up the entire industry chain , Not only in the sale of auto parts in the profit, more important is the huge profits in the new energy vehicles to get more room for profit. In addition, the company is constantly exploring new energy new profit model, first set up in Yunnan, Ruide high car rental service Co., Ltd., through the upstream three power system R & D and production, the middle of the electric vehicle manufacturing, downstream service terminal Financial leasing promotion, the formation of a relatively complete internal cycle of the industrial chain, an effective solution to the current policy in the current policy and market promotion difficult problem, the formation of a truly profitable innovative business model, and is expected to short-term to create large-scale capital flow And long-term stable income, Reid will become the largest electric car rental promotion field of the largest companies.

2016 in the capital market to enjoy a number of favorable policies, while constantly improve their own development model of the Swiss technology will go further, fly higher.

The company uses the core technology resources of the enterprise and connects the platform advantage of the capital operation, and will explore the best way of mergers and acquisitions and so on. The ultimate goal is to make the enterprise become the leader of the A-share capital market.