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Rainstorm raid, Ruiyang technology Zhongchengcheng flood disaster

The author : mike   Click :    Time :2016-06-30

    June 30, 2016, just after 12 o'clock, the days of rushing rain suddenly became a heavy rain. Ten minutes later, the rain accompanied by lightning thunder will be the whole sky filled with gray. Suddenly, we found that Ruiyang technology gathered in front of a large number of floods, rain potential water more and more anxious, along the door to the influx of the company.

    As the company is located in low-lying areas, the rain poured into the company, and in the bottom of the company's warehouse there are hundreds of tons of plastic raw materials to be processed, finished and semi-finished products, and the value of hundreds of millions of sets of injection molding machines and power generation equipment, Uncontrollable and unintended. After a simple measurement, this time the company's internal water level has been as high as 50 cm, the situation is very urgent. In this case, general manager Wang Song led the marketing department, administrative personnel department, planning logistics department and the second floor of the technical center staff hurried downstairs to carry out flood prevention work.

    Began to block the flood as soon as possible to the influx of companies, flood control staff had to train the table at the door, the water potential suddenly reduced a lot. But after all, only temporary measures, the most important thing is to find the source of so many floods. After careful investigation, the original is located in the right side of the road a number of municipal pipeline rupture, groundwater caused by irrigation, pouring rain and even the covers out nearly 10 cm high. How can such a large impact of the smooth control of it? Smart and wise Ruiyang people think of a large volume of large tonnage abandoned mold, then the company will be large head mold pressure in the wellhead, and placed in the wellhead a lot of sandbags to prevent blowout again. After blocking the source, the water potential to control.

    After the general manager with everyone jokingly said, "rain that wealth, sunshine this year's money really can not stop ah." Although the sentence is a joke, but the fact is that after more than an hour of anti-flood rescue Work, the company's rain gradually reduced, the company's a large number of value can not be estimated property to be preserved. In the fight against the flood in the process of everyone surmount once again embodies the unity of courage to advance the spirit of the sun.