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Ruiyang technology hand in Thailand Taurus to create new energy market in Thailand new glory

The author : mike   Click :    Time :2016-06-24

    June 11, 2016, Thailand Jinniu Group founder Zhang Hua invited to visit Chongqing Ruiyang Technology Co., Ltd., in the Swiss-technology chairman Mr. Jiang Guoqing under the leadership of Zhang Hua visited the company located in Yubei Airport Industrial Park and the two rivers New District fish mouth Industrial Park advanced production workshop and equipment.

    Thailand Taurus is Thailand's most famous agricultural machinery brand in Thailand can be described as well-known, the company has more than 300 employees, and the average weekly rate of two stores in the outward expansion, the company plans in 2017 in Thailand more than 800 County opened thousands of brand outlets, sales of Taurus agricultural equipment, electric cars.

    After consultation, the two sides decided to integrate their respective advantages to jointly set up a new energy company in Thailand Taurus, the Thai market as the base of the use of advanced management mode, the quality of the new high-energy electric vehicle sets of equipment to bring farmers ASEAN countries, the newly formed new energy companies operating the product range is divided into three categories: the Japanese standard production of Taurus motorcycles to fast-charge lithium titanate battery as the main driving force Taurus electric tricycle and other accessories mold.

    Since the country put forward the "one way along the way" construction plan, Ruiyang science and technology to actively respond to national policy guidelines, and ASEAN countries, especially Thailand, the link has been strengthened. And Thailand UDA and LEADER signed a number of underwriting agreement, and last year in Bangkok, Thailand set up offices in Thailand, will have a number of independent brands with new energy vehicles and three electrical equipment sold to Thailand and other ASEAN countries, The Thai Taurus Group to establish long-term strategic cooperation, combined with its own strong R & D strength at the same time with the Taurus company's strong marketing and management model, Ruiyang overseas trade will go further.