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1, 2000 to July, ginger from the Yangtze river delta to yu dong business, founded the "JinJiu auto factory".

2, in December 2000, "JinJiu auto factory" opened the first production lines.

3, in December 2001, from "JinJiu auto factory" into "ruiyang science and technology", within a year, the introduction to fly down.

4, 2003 years of carrying out the target management kick-off, the company for the development of clear direction!

5, in January 2005, the first mobilization meeting held in workshop, began to introduce the ISO/TS16949 quality system, before this successfully introduced a QS9000.

6, in December 2005, success through the international sgs-cstc SGS first ISO/TS16949:2000 version of the system audit, and in the following year in March 30 days of certificate.

7, 15 December 2007 clay court move to the airport industrial park.

8, 2008 won the "independent intellectual property products promote award", and the capital of 100000 yuan.

9, 2009 won the chongqing jiangbei people's government to issue "the independent intellectual property rights of product award", and the capital of 100000 yuan.

10, 2010 was the state intellectual property office granted "intellectual property protection" pilot units.

11, 2010 won the "national high and new technology enterprise" title.

12, 2010 won the "chongqing municipal enterprise technology center" title.

13, 2010 received invention patent and the patent for utility model 28