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Core value of the enterprise: Honesty, Solidity, Dedication, Innovation
Operation Philosophy: Technology, Quality, High Efficiency, Responsibility, People-oriented, Customer-satisfied

Ruiyang is to be: 
              A warm family of every employee; 
              The best partner of our customers; 
              The model of industrial competitors; 
              A contributor to the course of social welfare.

Tenet: to create value for the customers, to create benefits for the shareholders, to create benefits for the employees, to create employment for the society and to create prosperity for the nation 
Spirit: being diligent in work and economical in operation Seeking ways to successes but never excuse for failures

Style: being practical, devoted, solid and honest  Never to be slack with our own responsibilities but to undertake such responsibilities even if they are not necessarily fall into our range
Sense of Employees: to think what the Employer thinks, to do what the Employer needs, to take responsibility for the Employer and to enjoy what the Employer enjoys. 
Principles of Employment: 
                              Candidates talented with morality shall be employed as exceptions with much importance attached - with high salary and great politeness 
                              Candidates with no talent but morality shall be cultivated for employment – through education and cultivation 
                              Candidates talented with no morality shall not be employed – to prevent latter hazards 
                              Candidates with neither talent nor morality shall never be employed – but independence relied on

Public and Private Sense:

          It is advanced to sacrifice oneself for public benefits, to be selfless and to serve for the public interests instead of self interests;
                              It is allowed to rank the public interests before self interests with consideration of both; 
                              It shall be prohibited and cracked down to rank the public interests after self interests and to benefit oneself by impairing the public interests; 
                              It shall be prevented to use whoever serve for the public interests superficially but benefit himself under the guise. 
Awards and Punishments: timely and clear awards and punishments; more awards and fewer punishments. 
Quality Principles: leading technology, customer first, prevention afore, constant improvement
Vision: we are devoted to be the most competitive enterprise in the automobile part industry