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    2012, this extraordinary year, in the end of the world noisy sound has quietly come to an end ~ ~ ~ we Ruiyang people also joy and anxiety in the complex emotions turned over this history of a page. 2012, so that people should pay special attention to the year, this year, we ushered in the tenth anniversary of the company's birthday, ten years through thick and thin, ten years of common growth, Ruiyang this seed, in the sun Carefully cultivated, rooting, germination, flowering, the results, experienced ten spring and autumn, bathed in love the sun, it thrives, has become a flourishing tree, here, I want to say to all the staff Thank you! Thank you for your sincerity! Thank you all the time to pay! Thank you for your silence! New Year is coming, I am on behalf of the company management to give you New Year, I wish you a happy New Year, family reunion, good health, all the best!

   Over the past decade, we successfully completed three three-year plan, the Ruiyang built into the top 100 small and medium enterprises in Chongqing, access to the national high-tech enterprises, municipal enterprise technology center, the national intellectual property key pilot units honor, The company's customers in 2012 to achieve a new breakthrough, this year, we successfully entered the international and domestic well-known OEM, air-conditioning plant, signed a number of heavyweight product development agreement for the next step in the steady development of the lay The foundation. In the achievement of the results at the same time, we must also clearly see the shortcomings of the past two years operating results, timely analysis of the reasons for the development of measures to improve and make plans for the future, we work together, good governance, Five years plan! Here, I give you a brief introduction to the company "three five" blueprint goals!

A business objective

Auto parts business unit

   1, to 2017, our fist products - "car air conditioning controller" to become the national industry leader! To achieve this ambitious goal, we must do the production and sales accounted for 30% of the country's market share; customers to cover joint venture brands, foreign brands global procurement system, the domestic well-known OEMs and other high-end customers; to have mature and stable product soft Hardware development, testing platform and enterprise technology design standards; with precision mold design production capacity and injection capacity; breakthrough product surface treatment bottlenecks,

   2, in the three five plan, we have to open up the BCM body control system, electric car PTC heaters, electronic pumps and other automotive electronics products.

 Drive motor controller business unit

   After nearly three years to build, the company's drive motor controller has been developed mature, the brand has been raised from the unknown to have a certain industry visibility, 2013 will begin to achieve mass production of 300,000, to 2017 annual sales to reach 3 million, Sales of 2 billion, the industry's top three!

Electric vehicle power control system business unit

   With the global energy depletion, new energy vehicles will shine in the next five years, usher in the development of blowout. The company will focus on the three five plan to build electric three rounds, electric four wheel power system, including rear axle assembly, high power brushless motor assembly, high-power motor drive controller assembly three series of products, through five Year, to build a power car power control system national well-known brands, and to the core components of electric vehicles forward.

Two infrastructure construction

   As the saying goes, "good work, we must first of its profits," the company to complete the grand business goals, must have a corresponding hardware facilities to match. Therefore, this year we will complete the fish mouth Industrial Park, a 20,000 square meters of plant construction, to the end of the plan, the new plant nearly 60,000 square feet of office buildings and office buildings will be fully delivered, then, the new plant will have a sound Production facilities, office facilities, the new plant has a staff canteen 2, all kinds of sports facilities readily available, staff amateur quality of life will be greatly improved!

Three team building

    What is the core competitiveness of modern enterprises? market? technology? quality? Is not talent, talent is the combination of efficient team! This is the core competitiveness of enterprises! As the saying goes, "was talented world." The company after years of development, training a large number of key teams, in recent years, another group of fresh blood to join our team, the future, more people will join Ruiyang, then, how to integrate the road, Corporate culture, to create efficient super team, will be our management focus! In the three five plan, we should closely around the core values of Ruiyang, rebuild a set of standardized enterprise management system, the implementation of standard business process mode of operation, the establishment and implementation of an effective incentive system to create a high efficiency, High quality super team!

Four return to society

    Ruiyang development is inseparable from the efforts of all staff and work, is that you use sweat and effort to water, so that this seed grow into a tree! Today, the tree should also use its branches for everyone shelter, Sent to warm! "Care for the staff, social return" will be indispensable in the planning of a major event, we will initiate the establishment of "Ruiyang staff care fund" to the need for help staff in a timely manner to lend a helping hand, so that they can feel Ruiyang big family warm! Here, I announced that I and General Manager Ms. Wang Qian will donate 100,000 yuan to start the money! "Gift roses, hand left Yu Xiang", I hope all the loving people can join the love camp to!

    Colleagues, brothers and sisters, the glorious years of sunshine has turned over the history, and her second youth is still waiting for us to write together! Standing on the new historical starting line, we feel far away, although the road is rugged, there will be a lot of difficulties, but I firmly believe that as long as we join hands, firm confidence, working together, , Diligence and entrepreneurship, self-denial, hard work dedication Ruiyang spirit, it will be successful to complete the blueprint target!

I am convinced that in the competition and challenges, in difficulties and opportunities, in the struggle and struggle, a stronger, larger, full of vitality, struggling up the sun will show in front of the world!