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Thermal Management Module

Thermal Management Module

Brand Name:  Ruiyang

Model Number:  TMM-01

Car Make:  

Control Type:  

Size (mm):  200*174*30mm




Thermal management of new energy vehicle include air-conditioning heating ,air-conditioning cooling, constant temperature of battery, high pressure control components(inverter, battery charger, DCDC, Power motor).

Control components include the following.

Heating subsystem:PTC heater, Hot water pump

Cooling subsystem:compressor, cooling fan 

Air-conditioning subsystem:control panel information, Damper motor 3 group, speed control module, temperature sensing

Function of control includes hot and cold water pump control, flow control, cooling fan control, temperature control of high pressure components, heating power control of PTC heater, control of electric compressor, control of electric compressor, power distribution function, E file of energy efficient operation.

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