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Do you actually like your job? Yes? Then congratulations, that puts you ahead of the majority of Singaporeans who hate their jobs and are miserable at work.

But just because you actually kinda like your job doesn’t mean you should stay there forever.

Here are five reasons it’s time to say goodbye.

Your salary is stagnating

No matter how impressive your salary was when you first joined your company, it may not always stay that way.

Private sector increments have a habit of stagnating if you’re not careful, while is why recruitment agents will tell you it’s unwise to stay in a job for more than three years.

That’s because you can usually expect a 10 per cent to 20 per cent increment when you change jobs, which is much higher than the average expected wage increment of a pathetic 2.9 per cent.

There’s nothing more for you to learn

No matter how high you climb, you must never stop learning. Earlier on in your carrier, learning is going to be the key to raising your salary and getting promoted.

Later on, you will need to continually upgrade yourself to ensure you don’t get retrenched.

At some point, especially if you are working in a company or department of limited scale, you will find that you’ve milked your job dry of learning opportunities.

Resist the urge to get complacent and let yourself coast along, doing the same thing every day, as you’ll become a prime candidate for retrenchment if you keep it up long enough.

You’re not going to get promoted

There are many reasons you’ll never get promoted at your current company. Maybe there’s a limited number of positions in your company, and the only way for you to get promoted is for the guy one rung above you to die or retire.

Or maybe you’re working for a family business, and all the positions above yours are filled by your boss’s kids.