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Service Headline
People of the concept
       Adhere to the vision of the target to inspire people, with the development of the cause of the platform to cultivate people, with emotion and treatment to retain people, to encourage people to continue to self, beyond the broader stage.
Human Resource Objectives
       Adhere to the "people-centered" concept of enterprise development, to attract, cultivate and retain high-level talent, to create a reasonable allocation of structural elite team of talent; the formation of effective macro and micro human resources development and management capabilities, the formation of staff at all levels And improve the innovation and salary management system, and adapt to the scale of enterprises to protect the rational flow, to stabilize the backbone of the workforce to provide a solid protection; shaping the auto parts industry benchmarking corporate image, build "learning organization" staff growth Mechanism, and effectively promote the common development of employees and enterprises.
Human resource mechanism
       Ruiyang regarded talent as the most important wealth of enterprises and the driving force of long-term development of enterprises, through the establishment of echelon selection of personnel training mechanism, fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanism, different types of system training mechanism, reasonable and rich distribution of welfare mechanisms, Employees long-term win-win interests of the community, to achieve the common growth of enterprises and employees.
Ruiyang employing view
       Talented, exceptional use - high salaries
       There is no virtue, training and use - education and training
       There is no virtue, limited hiring - endless trouble
       No virtue no virtue, determined not to - self-reliant